Is the 13" or 15" MacBook Pro more suitable for school and gaming?


I currently am still a Windows user, but seeing as I am going back to university in October I decided to invest in a Mac. Now, I am not sure what would be more suitable for me, a 13" or a 15" MacBook Pro. Sure, the 13" is smaller and lighter than the 15", so it's easier to carry around and to take it to class with you, and if you get the upgraded version it even works better, but is the width and height of the screen enough to play games like Sims 3 on it and stream movies? And what if I don't max it out, would it still be able to compete with the basic 15"-er? I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to hardware, but I do think that the features like processors etc. are better in the 15".

So, what I essentially need the MacBook for is:
Sims 3
streaming movies

So, which one should I invest in? Because, after all, they are quite pricey if you are buying them outside of the US.

And, if I do get one, do you suggest I stick with Microsoft Office for Mac or do I get the Mac Pages, Keynote and Numbers? Which one do you think would be better suited for school? (Especially since I've only ever worked with windows?)

Thanks in advance,

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