Is there software or an app to use for Production Schedules and/or Traffic Management for Graphic Design Studios?

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  • Prior to apps and software, over 30 years ago, in our Commercial Photo studio, we needed "daylight" throughout our custom labs, offices and production areas. The entry was also important, although we had large North and West windows. because we displayed our best work there. I didn't have an app or easy research. At that time I had to use a corded phone and call Kodak and others to find out that 5000 kelvin was 'high noon daylight'. We had 5000K bulbs put throughout the studio and I think they had to be special ordered.
    I was looking at apps and saw your question, but I must put a disclaimer here: I'm not a lighting expert and the current solutions for your situation may have changed. We were very satisfied with the studio lighting. These lights with timers and a mix of light would have been far out of our reach at the time.

    • Answered by Carol A H from Elk City
    • 23-Aug-2013