MacBook Air or MacBook Pro (Non-retina display version)?

Hello there!

I am a college student starting my major soon, and looking to purchase either a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro (Non-retina display version). I am currently using a PC, but decided to jump ships. (I wanted a MacBook for a really long time, but do not have an "Excuse" to get one. Until now!)

I will be mainly using it to:
001. School work (Assignments, projects, presentations, and such.)
002. Accessing email.
003. Surfing the internet, usually many taps at a time!
004. Playing the occasional game. (Sims!)
005. Watch shows.
006. Listening to music.

Things to consider:
001. Hard disk.
002. Speed of the hard drive.

I was initially thinking of getting the Pro, mainly because I can rent VCDs and watch movies on it. But, I understand that the speed of the hard drives are different. From what I know, the Air's hard drive is small but fast, and the Pro's hard drive is slow but large. Another point to note is that the original Pro without the retina display has been in the market for quite some time and therefore, as not as updated as the Air. (The Pro with the retina display is out of my budget.) Either way, I intend to get the 13 inch version.

Any answers will be much appreciated! Thank you for your time! (:

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    I have a 13-inch MacBook Air with 4GB RAM and 256GB Flash Storage. It is more than sufficient for my needs in terms of space and speed, and I even have a Windows 8 virtual machine taking up about 70GB of my memory. I use it for anything and everything, including all of my college work and holding all of my media. Based on your listed uses and considerations, the only thing you wouldn't like about it is the lack of a disk drive. Although, the new (and barely more expensive) MacBook Pro also lacks a disk drive, even the non-Retina version. You'd be surprised how small of a difference not having a disk drive actually makes. As for your VCDs, you could just rent movies digitally from iTunes. Besides, the MacBook Air is only 2.96 pounds. You seriously feel the difference. I recommend it.

    • Answered by Patrick S from Mineville
    • 27-Oct-2013