Macbook pro or iMac

I am a senior in college studying exercise science, I also do some gaming such as star wars the old republic and minecraft, which should I get, a iMac or MacBook pro? And what type of specifications

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    If you're in college, you typically want something that you can take with you. For instance, it's not very often that someone has an iMac installed in their dorm, because it's obviously not very portable.
    With that in mind, I would suggest purchasing a MacBook Pro.
    Now with the new Retina MacBook out, you may want to consider spending an extra thousand on a nice screen, since you're into gaming.
    Then again, not everyone can afford a $2,200 (at it's cheapest!) laptop, so you may also want to consider the old "refreshed" MacBook Pro's.
    Particularly, since you're a student, you might want all the storage space you can get, so if you were to get a non-Retina Pro, I would highly recommend the 13" 2.9 GHz with a 750 GB hard drive ($1,499).
    If you are considering a 15" laptop though, you might want to consider that Retina display (although the old Pro's display, is still fantastic, in my opinion).
    With that in mind, you are sacrificing an Ethernet port and an optical drive- which to some people, is not crucial, but to other old-fashioned people as myself, is a downfall to the new laptop. And as of gaming, you'd have to purchase an external optical drive, which can be another unwanted expense and a hassle. Now the difference in weight might break the tie between the two, but the ability to upgrade and repair should also be considered when picking up the Retina version (iFixit scored the new Pro a 1 out 10 as of repairability).

    Bottom Line: Get a laptop. If you really want that lightweight feel and that breath-taking experience with gaming and don't mind paying and dealing with the external optical drive, splurge for the Retina Pro. If you still want GREAT graphics, but are reluctant to pay that much to lose some ports and an optical drive, then get the old MacBook Pro.

    Hope it helps!

    • Answered by Ezra A from Spring
    • 29-Jun-2012
  • The main factor to consider is portability. Do you feel that you would benefit from being able to take your computer on the go with you? If yes then I would certainly purchase a MacBook. However if you do not plan to move your computer definitely go for the iMac. The entry level iMac is packed with a far superior graphics card than the base MacBook, so your gaming will truly benefit.

    • Answered by Michael R from Peoria
    • 29-Apr-2012