I have studied a lot this question and I can't make my mind :

I'm hesitating between Macbook pro Retina 13" 128GB flash storage and the Macbook Air 13" 256GB flash storage.

I'll be using it for
-web surfing (of course)
-work (writing a lot)
-photoshop (not too complicated stuff)
-storing pictures and documents (I don't mind saving some on CD's)
-occasional simple video editing

Portability is also pretty important, I travel and walk a lot.
But I'm worried to not have enough space or have a slow computer...
Can Macbook Air handle this usage well or is Macbook pro better even with a 128GB flash storage ?
Is Macbook pro portable enough ?

Thank you for answering !

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    For digital photography editing / graphical work, I have used both an older Air and a 15" non-retina MBPro. I feel the improvements made to the Air are suitable for working with .raw PS files, and you will love the portability. Not having an Ethernet jack can be a nuisance if Wi-Fi is scant, though the $30 USB adaptor works well, as does the USB DVI-VGA version. The non-retina MBPro I have is bulkier with the SuperDrive, though am looking at the retina 13" MBPro for personal use. It is much thinner, sleeker, and portable w/o the SuperDrive. I would suggest the Air for a more mobile / traveling lifestyle, then after college, upgrade to a MBPro... wish they still had the 17" model. Enjoy.

    • Answered by William M from Green Bay
    • 13-Nov-2013