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Hi, what Mac would best suite my uses? ^^

Over the past year or so I've slowly been thinking about changing from PC to Mac. I've taken an interest in the MacBook Pro.

I'm still currently a HS student but plan on taking further studies next year, most likely a course to do with Design.
I use my compaq presario laptop for both school and home use. When I get a new laptop I still plan to use it for school (traveling) and home use.

Right now, the things I mainly use on my laptop are:
- Internet browsing & surfing (Email, youtube, news, reading, ebay/online shopping/occasional online games etc)
- Downloading files (videos/music/documents etc)
- Writing (Word/Notepad/Powerpoint/Wordpad)
- Media Players (Video players/Music Players)
- Drawing Tablet: I usually connect my tablet (usb) when I want to draw things
- Photoshop/Paint tool SAI/Google sketch up
- R_ss feeds
- Skype/Windows Messenger
(This seems like everything! haha)

I also have a lot of stored images on my computer. I'm a heavy multi-tasker, always having too many tabs & applications open.

I was thinking the 13" MBP may be just fine but would be best suited if I travel around with it (much cheaper too), but if I'm using it for purposes such as drawing/photoshopping/watching media would the "15 or "17 better suite?
If I were to buy a "15 or "17 I'd be looking for a second hand one.

Or would it be better if I just stick with PC and get a Mac Desktop or something? ._.

Sorry for the long post. Thanks so much for all your help in advance!!

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    Hard to go wrong with a MBP. The 13 inch Retina is great if you can afford the price. If the screen is still too small, get a 27 inch monitor to attach when at desktop and not laptop. Price would be the only consideration here. Also remember that any computer in this rapidly evolving climate is a temporary proposition. Perhaps a mac mini and Thunderbolt monitor would serve your purpose, and a non-retina MBP or Macbook Air for the road would work better. There are a lot of choices out there, many of them good. Remember that once you are with the Mac, you are in an eco-system where everything co-operates and plays nicely together. Now is a good time to buy as everything has been recently updated.

    • Answered by Don B from Greenview
    • 09-Nov-2012