Mechanical student- Macbook Air or Macbook pro?

im planning for my masters in Mechanical planning for a lappy (very new towards laptops)
which is best for me?
my use would generally be softwares regarding design and all stuff like photoshop solidworks autocad catia etc
also social networking
help me out!

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    You're probably best going with the Macbook Pro. The MBA is good for most things, but the MBP is more capable of handing processor heavy software like Photoshop. Both the 13" and the 15" will do the job - obviously the 15" would handle a little better with the Quad-core processor, but the 13" will deal with it perfectly fine.

    If you can upgrade the hard drive to an SSD, this will make things like loading Photoshop etc. faster

    • Answered by Jake N
    • 17-Oct-2013