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I am thinking about migrating from my dell system to one of the mac laptops and was wondering which of the Macbook Air or Pro that would be recommended.

First of all I definitly want a laptop that I can also connect to my 24" dell U2412M" monitor, but I wish to have someting that I can also disconnect and take with me. To hook to my current monitor I am thinking of going with a Mini-displayPort to Thunderbold port and obviously, when I take the laptop with me I would like to have decent resolution, but seeing as I will be doing email, word processing, just general computer type work - maybe some communication with friends via SKYPE or one of the other messenger then it is not necessary for it to be like my IPHONE.

I currently have MS Office and may purchase the Mac version, however, if not I will probably add some type of software that will give me the ability to run certain Windows 7 products on the MAC - this is something that from things that I have read I should be able to do.

Now I am thinking of one of three models - first is the 13" Macbook Air with the 1.8 processor, 8 GB memory and 128/256 GB SSD drive. Second is to get one of the entry level MACBOOK Pro - either the base entry level laptop with I5 processor and 4 GB Memory and 500 GB HD - which I would probably upgrade the HD to a SSD, and bring the memory to 8 GB. Or to get the one with I7 processor with 8 GB memory and 750 GB HD - now as with the the previous model I would probably upgrade the HD to a SSD - not sure but probably with the 480 GB or 512 GB SSD.

Of the computers that I have mentioned which would you recomment ?

Thanks in advance for any recommendation.

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    Hey there :)
    I also made the switch from my Dell laptop to a Mac :) the change is different but it's so great once you get the hang of it! Out of the 3 macs you've decided on, I'd have to recommend the MacBook Pro with the i7 processor both MacBook pros are phenomenal but for my personal use I required the power from the i7 and I can truly say that it was well worth the additional cost! But then again if you feel as if your computing needs don't require the power of the i7, then the entry level MacBook Pro will be perfect for your needs! :) hope this was helpful :) good luck on your choice and congrats with your decision to move to a Mac! Enjoy!

    • Answered by Zack H from Sydney
    • 04-Aug-2013