Programming, iOS development, and casual gaming: What MBP is right for me?

So I've set my sights on a new MBP and I've been contemplating and weighing options as to which model I should buy. The options I'm considering are a new Late 2013 13" retina, a new Late 2013 15" Retina, and a Refurbished June 2012 15" Retina

The only thing I know for sure is that I definitely want a machine with 16GB of RAM considering it can't be upgraded in the future.

A lot of things I'm debating on are:
Am I better off with a dual core or a quad core CPU?
Is it justifiable getting the top tier 15" for the discrete graphics?
Do the Haswell processors provide enough benefits to justify it over an Ivy Bridge?
Will I see a big difference between b/g/n and ac wifi?

Mostly what I do entails Java, Python, Objective-C, and XML. No matter what model I buy I plan on bootcamping with Windows 8.1. As far as games I don't play many hyper resource-intensive games (Crysis 3, skyrim) But I would like to run 3D games smoothly like Borderlands 2 and Civilization 5 as well as indie games. Not much time on my current PC is spent playing games but for the money I'd be spending I want it to be a "do-it-all" machine.


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