rMBP or MBA? Need Help

Okay I will be buying a Mac soon, this will be the first Mac I buy but I am a very experienced PC user and I currently study Computing and physics etc at College. I am torn between:

Option 1: Mac Book Pro 15 inch with Retina base model


Option2 : Fully upgraded 13 inch Mac Book Air + Printer + Apple TV + Superdrive

both options work out to be about the same amount of money, I do a fair amount of web site design, so Photoshop, along with interest in using XCode, Logic Pro will also be a possibility in the future and not much gaming as I have a console, but I do play WoW and D3 occasionaly, So will the MacBook Air be capable of doing all of this, as I would like to save some money to buy the other things I listed, or will I need to buy a Mac Book Pro? Thanks :)

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