Should i buy a mac? Which Mac?

Hi! I´m a huge fan of mac but i don't own one and i want to change that. I wanna use photoshop and other graphic programs but i'm going to the university in 5 years, yes and i want to buy a machine which helps me on that work. I want to be a programmer and i don't know if mac suits me. And if it does which? Another thing i want to mention is that i will only buy a mac when i have the money, and i can't work yet so i think it will be in 5 years from now. Do you recommend a mac? Which?

sorry for the bad english;
i want my mac to have an i7 quad core, 16 gb ram, 1tb fusion drive or more and i can only spend at the maximum of the maximum 2.800,99 €. I think the iMac of 27 inches is a little too big for me.

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    if you want it to be portable i think you should go for the retina macbook pro 15'
    or you can take the retina macbook pro 13' if you really want it to be portable and you can configure it to your i7 and more ram

    • Answered by Tejas G from San Jose
    • 10-Mar-2013
  • In one respect I think your asking this question much to early. If you intend on purchasing a computer in five years time, or even two years time, the specifications you've outlined in your question will be far less than what will be available in just a few years.

    Also you can own any computer and be a programmer, and photoshop works equally well on a windows machine as it does on a MAC. So you need to work out the real reasons as to why you would rather own a MAC than a windows machine. The retina display is a good enough reason for many.

    Don't get me wrong, I love MACs, but I think your question is impossible to answer as it stands.

    Best of luck

    • Answered by Roderick P. R from Mount Helena
    • 12-Nov-2013
  • Since you are not sure if the Mac will be suitable in the long run, I would recommend the Mac Mini.

    You get the keep your screen, the keyboard and mouse from your old computer (if you have one) and you can have a computer that has a fair amount of power, decent video capabilities, and it won't break the bank.

    • Answered by Geoffery Dean J from Edmonton
    • 27-Sep-2013