Should I buy the new macbook air 13"(mid-2013) or macbook pro /retina 13"(mid-2012)?

Hey guys,

What I will be doing: I am a student in a special high school for gifted children and I will be going to USA in 10 days and I definitely want to buy a mac. I will be using my mac for mostly writing essays or preparing and giving presentations. On the other hand I am interested in robotics nowadays and I will join to a robotics club, and hopefully I will be writing softwares for AI(so I will be connecting chips to my mac and I think I need the connection ports of a pro). I don't use photoshop or shoot videos or that kind of media stuff and I don't think I will be using 3D engineering softwares.

My question: Should I buy a macbook air 13"with Haswell or buy a macbook pro w/retina 13"? I must buy a new laptop immediately because the one I currently have is an awful hp and it's too heavy and gets too hot.

by the way the money and the 500 grams of weight difference(not sure??) are not big issues for me and the mac I will buy is going to be my only and main computer.

Any help is appreciated
Thanks for your time

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  • Hey. I see what yr into right now. The Macbook air is a good choise for you. BUT if u got extra cash in your pocket, its best to buy the macbook Pro 13 with Retina... because u will be using it as your ONLY and MAIN computer.

    In conclusion I recomend u the Macbook Pro 2013. Its gonna work in the years to come

    • Answered by Altamash I from Australia
    • 09-Dec-2013