Should I get a MacBook air or pro?

I am going into middle school and I don't know which one is better. It will mostly be used for school and going on the internet. Which one is better (also what size) thanks :)

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    A macbook air is mainly used for traveling and surfing the internet and emailing, if you are going to use an SD card i suggest the macbook air 13 inches, only becuase it has a bigger screen, although if you are price wise i would go with the 11 inch that does not have an SD card, but still works just as good. How ever if you are looking at the macbook pro it is mainly for gaming and photo editing, etc. The best idea is to go with the macbook air, specificly the 13 inch if you use and SD card. You can however go on the internet with the macbook pro and email and write essay and such, but the macbook air is the best of both for internet and email.

    • Answered by Isabelle H from Douglas
    • 25-Jul-2012