Should I get a macbook pro 13' with or without retina display?

I'm thinking of buying one for school and music wise. I have a lot to do in school such as printing out word documents and presentations including videos for big projects which means I'll need to edit my videos as well. I do a lot of music as well which means I'll be working with a lot of music editing tools. The problem for me is I'll need a CD slot for when I do my music stuff but is the display on the retina one really a lot better than the normal one? I'm not worried much about the space to put my files. Thanks

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    Now that a new 13 inch retina Macbook has just been released I think the answer is clear: get the new Retina model. The price is more reasonable than it used to be, and the display is a joy. I mean totally great, you'll never want to go back to pixelly displays. Plus the retina model is thinner and lighter and more powerful, so it's an easy decision really.

    If you're sure you need to use disks, buy the external superdrive. It's small, good-looking and not expensive. I bought one but I only used it once. Not much is on disks these days, and I can always use another computer to transfer a disk to a USB drive.

    • Answered by Gary P
    • 25-Oct-2013