Should I get the new MacBook Air (13") or the new MacBook Pro (13")?

I am going to be a Senior in HS. I will go to college from there. I was pretty set on the MBP but I realized that in order to utilize the new PowerNap feature coming in Mountain Lion, I will need either a MacBook Air or the MBP with Retina which is out of my price range.

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    Power nap works with any MacBook with an SSD. If you're set on getting the power nap feature then you'll either have to get a MacBook air or a MacBook pro upgraded to SSD. Seeing as SSD is also much faster and more reliable than a traditional hard drive, I'd strongly recommend getting an SSD, unless you need lots of storage and have a limited price range (get the pro in that case). Although my personal preference would be the air, in the end its up to you (price range, portability, optical drive, processor, etc). If you're a big gamer I'd recommend the pro as it has a faster processor (although the air will handle almost anything that's thrown at it without a problem, apparently it has heat issues with some games such as minecraft). Again, its all up to you, what you'd use it for, and what your price range is. They're both very good computers that are built to last, so you can hardly choose wrong, but it all depends on your preference and what you'd use it for.

    Hope this helps :)

    • Answered by Mark S from Calgary
    • 03-Jul-2012
  • Power nap works with all the MBP's and MBA's. If you game a lot , then get the 13 MBP'S.

    • Answered by Rishi C
    • 26-Jun-2012