thunderbolt compared to minidisplay

What is the difference between a Thunderbolt port and a MiniDisplay port?

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    While not entirely accurate, think of MiniDisplayport as a limited version of Thunderbolt.

    With DisplayPort, you can only only connect one item per port. With Thunderbolt, you can connect several items per port. So what that means is, with Displayport you could one monitor and that's it, but with Thunderbolt, you could have one cable run from the Thunderbolt port to an external hard drive, then to a 4K monitor, then to an external blu-ray drive, then to another 4K monitor, and still be able to connect more items past that if you needed to.

    One other thing worth noting, you can plug a MiniDisplayport cable into a Thunderbolt port and it will work just like normal, however, you cannot plug a Thunderbolt cable into a MiniDisplayport.

    • Answered by Nathaniel B from San Diego
    • 17-May-2014