What are the differences between MacBook Pro and MacBook Air?

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    First there is the design of the Macs. The MacBook Air is designed with portability in mind, so this Mac is thinner, and lighter than the MacBook Pro. Also MacBook Air comes equipped with Flash storage, which reads and writes data much faster than previous technologies.

    Flash Storage also comes with the added benefit of no moving parts, which means a higher level of reliability. The MacBook Air is offered in two sizes, the 11-inch and the 13-inch models. This is great if you're on the go, and need to have a device that lets you access things quickly. When it comes to all around performance, this is the realm of the MacBook Pro.

    With it's Quad-Core iSeries processor, it is capable of doing twice the shear number crunching of the MacBook Air. If you are going to be editing video day-in and out, this is a must have. This Mac is also offered in the 13, 15, and 17-inch display models. Also, another thing to keep in mind is that you can also get the Solid State Drives in the MacBook Pro. That's just like flash storage, and will work just as quickly.

    (The i5 and i7 processors are built with a different architecture than the previous models. Also, the i7 is built a run a bit faster than the i5, so your software, especially if you are using heavy graphics software will run much, much soother.)

    • Answered by Darren R from Chireno
    • 24-Mar-2012
  • The differences between the Macbook Pro and Macbook Air are the difference between a teenager and a adult. The Macbook Air would be similar to that of a netbook, no CD drive, basic tools for email, music, internet, school work, etc. While a Macbook Pro is the equivalent to a high end laptop. Comes with CD/DVD drive, much more space, faster processor, more RAM, and better graphics power. Meant more for video/music editing, gaming, more multitasking options with a Macbook Pro.

    • Answered by Steven L from Harrison Township
    • 21-Jan-2012
  • Just a clarification that the new Mac Air's do have a backlit keyboard, believe they came out in July/Aug 2011

    • Answered by Diane H from Lake Orion
    • 07-Nov-2011
  • The mac book air is dramatically thinner than the macbook pro and it is very light. The macbook air has flash storage while the macbook pro has a hard drive

    • Answered by Elan R from Highland Park
    • 27-Mar-2012
  • I purchased a 13" Air. While it is great for traveling, I really feel cramped by the lack of any firewire port. I'm sure Thunderbolt is wonderful, but it is of no use to me, whereas a firewire port would be of great use. If you have some older macs around, as well as hard drives, think carefully.

    • Answered by Donald S from Chapel Hill
    • 09-Apr-2012
  • MacBook pro thicker and heavier and also more complex

    • Answered by Daniel H from Brisbane
    • 31-Mar-2012
  • The difference is that the Air is lighter than the pro..and last longer in terms of battery ...hope the helps

    • Answered by Adeyinka P from Bronx
    • 10-Sep-2013