What are the pros and Cons of buying refurbished?

Looking to buy a Mac book pro and I don't know if I should buy new or buy refurbished.

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    I just purchsed a refurbished Mac Book Pro + Apple care and it's essentially like buying new, but I saved over $400

    The Apple representative said they replace the outer shell and the battery (so there are no blemish or battery life concerns). He also said that a large percentage of the "refurb" products are actually new (not used), just undelivered.

    No cons that I can see.

    • Answered by John F from Port Elgin
    • 02-May-2014
  • The gentleman below is incorrect about the cosmetic condition of Apple Refurbished products. When they arrive, they are indistinguishable from brand new product.

    • Answered by John F from New Orleans
    • 13-Sep-2014
  • I think refurbished is the way to go. You save a lot of money and if there are problems Apple will take care of it.

    • Answered by David A from Milwaukee
    • 29-Sep-2014
  • I purchased a loaded iMac27 with 3TB fusion drive and upgraded graphics board. I updated the RAM to 24 mb using Crucial memory. I purchased Apple Care extended warranty. Have now had the unit for 9 months and have had absolutely no issues whatsoever. The only difference between it and new was the packaging (plain white box instead of one with pictures on it). The unit looked brand new no scratches or blemishes. I saved around $400 doing it this way and would purchase any refurbished Apple product in a heartbeat.

    • Answered by Janene H from Bernalillo
    • 28-Apr-2015