What Games Will Play On A Mac Mini?

I'm fixing to obtain my first Mac ever after wasting money on PCs that can't seem to last. The Mac Mini will be my system of choice due to my budget and mainly used for college studies in web designing. I will be getting the Apple Keyboard w/keypad and a Magic Mouse. I would like to have some fun with the Mac when I'm taking a break from college studies. What games on the Apple Online Store would play on a standard Mac Mini? I'm a huge gamer and enjoy FPS and Simulation games like Sims 3. I'm seriously looking at Prey if it will run.

1 Answer from the Community

  • YOU have to take a look at the Mac app store. The app store is still young an you may not find as many games as you would like, but it does have a few great games. With some time more games will be available. Also Blizzard makes games for Mac, and another option is STEAM for the Mac. The question of what games will run on your Mac comes down to what kind of hardware do you have.

    • Answered by Max H from Lorain
    • 21-Sep-2011