What is the best mac laptop for architecture student as we always do 3D? would macbook be fine?

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    Hi I am also an Architecture student, just about to start Part 2. I would go for a macbook pro, the bigger the better. My girlfriend uses her 15 inch i7 (2010 model) for Sketchup, Autocad, 3DS Max and V-Ray (and of course photoshop).

    You will notice the 13 inch only have 1 graphics card, I think I am right in saying this is used to run the display and any graphics intensive processes (i.e. 3D, rendering). So it is definitely better to go for a 15 inch which has 2 graphics cards, the AMD Radeon as well as the Intel HD.

    I used Cinema4D with V-Ray and love it, but 3DS Max is more mainstream so its possibly better to get that (student additions free). You'd need to run 3DS Max via an emulator (Parallels is best imo) or via Bootcamp (but you need to buy windows as well for both those options).

    Lastly, RAM. Get the standard amount here then upgrade with Crucial, much cheaper. Follow the advice on their website to get the best for your mac.

    • Answered by Joe Y from Huddersfield
    • 08-Jun-2011
  • The Macbook Pro 15 or 17 inch Model will just fit the best , you need a big screen and a powerful computer.The macbook may seem small and not powerful as the Pros .But if you don't want to carry a weights the macbook pro 13 inch can fit your needs,you can still buy the macbook but it may do your stuff slower.
    I have a Macbook Pro 13 inch and Its PERFECT , I do photo-editing (photoshop) and iPhone Development (Xcode) and Record and Edit my band's music whith garage band .

    • Answered by Fady E from Cairo
    • 26-Dec-2010