What's better for an incoming college student Macbook pro 13-inch or Macbook pro with retina display?

I recently purchased a Mac 13-inch to find out that a few days later Apple had made the announcement of the new Mac and was wondering if I should upgrade.

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    Weight isn't a problem because the new 15 macbook pro with retina display weighs less than the 13 inch macbook pro.

    Do you need a cd drive??
    You can buy an external cd drive for 79.99. Is that okay?

    Does pricing matter?
    Macbook pro with retina display base model starts at 2199 and other model starts at 2799.

    If you are fine with an external cd drive and you can afford it definitely get the macbook pro with retina display

    • Answered by Jesse B from Thornhill
    • 19-Jun-2012