where's the   dvd/cd slot?

  • Asked by fn from Jericho

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    Hi Jim,

    This depends on your model.

    The MacBook Air does not have a DVD/CD drive. Neither does the Mac Mini. You will have to buy an external SuperDrive from Apple or use their Remote Disc software.

    The MacBook Pro has a disc drive along the side. The newest MacBook Pro with Retina display has removed it, however.

    The iMac has a disc drive along the side of the screen.

    I hope this helps!

    - Liam

    • Answered by Liam H
    • 14-Jun-2012
  • I'm unable to tell which model you are asking about, however if you view the product gallery and there's not a distinct slot for optical media on one of its surfaces, then this product does not have an optical drive.

    Instead you can "borrow" the optical drive of a nearby computer (Mac or PC) on the same network using "Drive Sharing". If that's not adequate, an Apple USB SuperDrive or third-party product can be purchased to provide disc access that goes with you.

    • Answered by Bret G from Topeka
    • 14-Jun-2012