Which computer should I get?

I'm currently using my Late 2010 MacBook Air 11" (1.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Due / 2GB DDR3 Ram / SSD) which I've been using as my primary computer, connected to a Samsung 27" display and my desk.

Recently, my computer has become slower and slower ever since the upgrade to Mountain Lion, it also doesn't help that I'm using quite intensive applications like Vega, Chrome (Avg. 10 Tabs) and Skype.

I use my computer for work as I work from home as a Network Security Consultant, so it's quite important for me to have the best hardware possible and for it to be at least 3 years future-proof.

I was thinking about the MacBook Pro Retina 15" (16GB Ram / SSD / 2.8GHz Intel Core i7) or the iMac 27" because since I have the MacBook Air, the portability of my primary computer won't matter.

I normally use my computer for 12-16 hours a day using applications such as Xcode, Eclipse, Wireshark, Chrome (10 Flash intensive tabs running), Skype (6-way HD conferences which can last up to 12 hours a day), and for personal use, I edit photos in Creative Suite 5, edit 1080p movies in iMovie and play games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Left 4 Dead 2, etc.

Which computer would you recommend?

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    I recommend iMac 27" because it has a big display and is fast and powerful. I recommend you use safari instead of chrome because it uses less CPU usage as chrome. I recommend the latest version of Mac OS on your computer. I also recommend using apple software and hardware from apple as accessories.

    • Answered by Ronny R from Waterville
    • 27-Jun-2013