Which Mac do you sugguest for college?

Hello! I am an incoming freshman looking to buy a mac. For budget, I can pay up to $4000 for a new computer, so any in the Mac lineup is fair game. I would use the laptop for the typical surfing the web/ paper writing, but there are a few things that make my situation unique.

For one, I need a mac that will be able to run music programs such as Ableton Live. I plan on using my mac to create music and DJ, so I need to make sure it can work for that.

Two, I need a mac that can work for editing movies. I know iMovie comes with both machines, yet I think we all know that just because it comes with it that doesnt mean it works well.

Third, I need my mac to be able to handle light gaming. I wont be playing Starcraft or any of the sort, but I might be taking computer science classes in which I will need a mac that can handle some game graphics.

I am not sure if I should get the macbook air that was just released, the latest generation macbook pro (with retina), or simply wait until the new macbook pro comes out (whenever that may be). With college approaching I would like to get familiar with my computer, but if you feel that the next generation pro is what I should look at then I will wait.

So what do you guys think? Thank you so much ahead of time for your help.

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    I would recommend the 15 in 2.7 GHz MacBook Pro with retina display. It would be able to run basically anything, including advanced video editors and music programs. You can bye FCPX ( Video Editor) off the Mac App Store for $300 and Logic (music Editor) for $200.

    • Answered by Connor B from Golden
    • 19-Jun-2013
  • From what you've described, it seems like you will be best served by a 15 inch mbp. The 15 inch's quad core processor and the graphics card are well suited for video editing and gaming as well as other multi tasking intensive programs. If you can afford the retina version, by all means get it. Performance is definitely enhanced by the ssd but if you're after longevity then the non-retina should work better because of its upgradability. Down the road, if you want ot upgrade to 16g of ram or change your hd you have the flexibility to do that with the classic 15mbp. I won't suggest that you get the air only because, for the money the mbps are more powerful machines. And, you seem to need the power and versatility of the mbps more than the weight and portability of the air.

    • Answered by Katherine R from Littleton
    • 19-Jun-2013