Which Mac is right for me

I will be a new college student this fall semester. I am looking into either the MacBook air 11 inch or the Mac book pro 13 inch.. I would be using my computer for...

-light photography
-watching movies
-storing music
-light gaming(mostly old school emulators)

I like to not only stream music and movies but download them directly on to my laptop. Needs to be light weight, asi will be commuting 40 miles round trip each day to college. I am a business major. I would like to keep it under 1500. I would get an external hard drive if I had to. I also have an iPhone and would like to easily sinc my phone to my laptop. My current laptop is about 2 years old and is an acre aspire 17 inch, it is slow and heavy. Has a 500gb hard drive that is nearly full. Mostly movies and photos. And it has bad viruses and has windows 7. So I am in need of a new one ASAP

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