Which Macbook is best for music editing, downloading, etc?

I want to start making music with Garage Band. Along with that, I need to be able to download programs like Google Chrome, and other programs that are downloadable.

The con of the Macbook Air for me is that it doesn't have a DVD drive, but I can just buy a separate one, but will it still burn CD's?

I know I like the Air because:
Easily portable
Not easily broken (SSD drive)
Long battery life
5000 graphics cards

I like the Pro because:
Has a DVD drive
More memory (internal memory though)

which one would be faster to use for programs? I have to buy the cheapest/lowest price macbook because I'm on a budget,

1 Answer from the Community

  • buy mac book pro with Retina display 13 0r 15 both they great for music also they got garage band or u can but and other program and also u can made hard drive more space if u ask for it.

    • Answered by Ladycandy S from New York
    • 17-Jan-2014