Which Macbook Pro is better for college students?

I am purchasing one within the next month or so and want to know if I should go with a 13" or a 15". What does everybody recommend? Answers from college students would be appreciated.

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    I'm personally going for the 2011 13" version. Where I live it's only $899.99 and all my friends who have had theirs have nothing but good things to say about it. The only reason I would consider getting the newer one would be because of the 3.0 USB (transfers information between the usb and the computer in a fraction of the time) but I'm not sure that is worth $200 extra dollars. And the better screen resolution is not something I'm too sold on. Also, the 15" only adds a bigger screen in the mix. When you are going class to class the 2" might not matter much. The size is kind of your own personal opinion. Smaller is always better for me!

    Hope this helps a little. (:

    • Answered by Jessica F from Salt Lake
    • 18-Jun-2012
  • Hi Miranda! I'm in the same situation as you at the moment! It all comes down to what you're majoring in. The 13 inch is great but if you want the bigger screen then go with the 15 inch.

    • Answered by Federico V from Pueblo
    • 18-Jun-2012