Which Macbook should I buy for college- the 13" air, the 13" pro, or the 13" pro with retina?

I am looking to upgrade from my old computer. I use my computer to do homework, youtube, web browsing, spotify, and social networking. This computer is going to have to last me the next 3 years of college, so which one will keep me up to speed and happiest? Thanks!

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    For your usage, I would suggest MacBook Air (13-inch). MacBook Air is powerful enough take on quite a heavy load, and will definitely last 3 years. Plus, the added portability will be a plus since you're a college student.

    • Answered by David W from Cupertino
    • 10-Aug-2013
  • Well, if your only going to be doing internet and homework, you should get the Macbook Air (Probably 13 in, so you have more scree real-estate for websites.) You may want to get the 256 GB version, if you will download any videos or a lot of photos. Also, you may want to get iWork instead of Microsoft Office, because it doesn't require a CD/DVD Drive, and is only $60.

    • Answered by Mark B from Golden
    • 09-Aug-2013