Why would I want to get a solid state drive in a mac?

What's the difference between a solid state drive and an old fashion drive? What are the benefits of getting the solid state drive?

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    Solid state drives are better for a multitude of reasons. They are extremely fast to the point were you definitely notice a speed upgrade across the board no matter what you're doing. Just turning on the computer takes almost 10 seconds less time. They are far more reliable. Since they don't have a spinning disk like traditional hard disk drives there is no spindle that retracts and therefore no ability to scratch the physical disk which is how most data loss and hard drive failure happens. It also consumes a little bit less power which means your battery will last longer when used in a laptop. The benefits greatly outweigh the cost difference for these and you will definitely be happy that you got it.

    • Answered by Keith S from Charleston
    • 10-Oct-2010
  • Solid state drives have "no" moving parts, great for longevity and reliability.
    They're just a great big chunk of memory...
    Also they have much faster read/write times in some case 3x faster that your average sata drive at 7200 rpm's.
    They are great for faster boot times as well as processor intense tasks, such as video and almost all CS Adobe programs like Photoshop.

    Trick! is to have a solid state drive for your system and applications and put all you data in another drive, very fast...


    • Answered by Paul P from Santa Ana
    • 06-Oct-2010