Would autocad work with a 13 inch MacBook Pro with retina display better than a 13 inch MacBook Pro without retina display?

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    AutoDesk AutoCAD for Mac runs perfectly fine on my late 2013 13 Inch pro retina. I only have 4gb of RAM and 128gb ssd with the 2.4ghz i5. But, to answer your question I'm quite sure it'll run better on the retina pro due the Intel Iris Pro 5200 graphics. The Iris Pro was made to work in high intensity programs like that. Also, the 3D wireframing and (some) rendering is fantastic to boot.

    In conclusion though, the Retina runs perfectly even though AutoCAD doesn't support our higher resolution. The Macbook Pro non-Retina I can't really speak for except for the fact that it is only running Intel HD4000. I had an ultrabook with that "gpu" in it and it struggled a lot with AutoCAD. My vote would be for the retina, even if it is the "lower end model." 4gb of ram is still a lot and you can always use an external HDD if you need some more breathing room.

    • Answered by Tanner D from San Antonio
    • 15-Dec-2013
  • As of right now, the current Mac release (AutoCAD 2013) does NOT natively support HiDPI displays. So as far as image quality, unless a program is specifically written to support HiDPI screens, it won't, and in terms of graphical appearance will look the same on a Retina display as it would on a standard display panel, which appears fuzzy in most cases since your eyes are accustomed to the rest of the screen appearing crystal clear.

    If by better you mean performance-wise, that entirely dependent upon your Mac's configuration. Any modern Mac should be able to handle AutoCAD sufficiently, but some would work better than others. i7 > i5, 16GB RAM > 8GB RAM, SSD > HDD, etc. On most macs I've worked with, the hard drive is almost always the sole bottleneck of performance. So in that case, the rMBP would undoubtedly outperform the regular one, assuming you leave it at its stock hard drive, RAM, and CPU configuration.

    • Answered by Corey P from Oregon
    • 29-Apr-2013