Does the Mac Mini have CD/DVD burning capability?

The main use for which I would be employing the Mac Mini would be to watch TV programs as a replacement for my satellite system. When I record programs to the hard-drive there are some that I might want to burn to a CD/DVD for watching at a future date. Can a burn a CD/DVD on the Mac Mini or do I need an external burner?

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    The current model of Mac mini does not have a CD/DVD optical drive at all, so you would have to buy an external CD/DVD burner in order to do that.

    Another option would be to purchase an Apple TV, which saves the time and expense of making DVDs and thus "pays for itself" pretty quickly. You would simply convert the captured show to MP4 format for iTunes (or purchase the shows directly from the iTunes Store) and that would make it available to your TV through Apple TV, your computer or your iOS mobile devices.

    • Answered by Charles M from Altamonte Springs
    • 20-Mar-2012
  • The Mac Mini does have CD burning capability, but you would need to connect a Macbook Aie Superdrive to the Mac Mini to actually burn something.

    • Answered by Joshua S from Denver
    • 28-Dec-2011
  • Not any more. The new version doesnot have any optical drive

    • Answered by Hany D from Revesby
    • 05-Sep-2012