what do I need to transfer photos from my COMPUTER to my mini Ipad

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    You should already have everything you need, but I'll run over it... You need a computer with iTunes installed, a sync cable to connect the iPad to the computer, and of course the iPad. Fire up the computer and Itunes, then connect the iPad to the computer. Once ithe iPad connects and finishes syncing select it in Itunes. (It will appear in the upper right area of the screen once the computer detects it is connected) Now just click on the "Photos" tab. From there you can enable photo import to the ipad and choose which folders on your computer to import. After you do that click Sync and the folders & photos in them will import to the ipad.

  • This works for (Mac using iTunes version to iPad mini

    The problem: You connected your iPad to your iMac and iTunes is open. On your mac In iTunes you click on your iPad icon, under settings select Photos and the Sync Photos option is greyed out.

    Do the following.

    1. Go to settings on your iPad.
    2. Select iCloud
    3. Turn off Photos on the right hand side.
    4. Reconnect to iTunes Sync Photos option no longer greyed out.

    Hope this helps.

  • If i were you, I would transfer photos from computer to iPad mini with iTunes. Just connect your ipad to your computer. Once it has detected, Open iTunes and select the "Photos" tab. Check the "Sync Photos" box at the top. But you have to organize the images you want to transfer to a folder at first. Or you can use iOS Transfer to do that!

  • 1.You can transfer the photos to iPad via E-mail if the number of photos is small.
    2.If you have plenty of photos to transfer, just drag the photos you want into iTunes then sync them to iPad via iTunes.
    3.And if the above didn't work, I suggest you use the useful and convenient tool FonePaw iOS Transfer.

    Hope that helps!

  • A lighting cord like this or a wifi signal that your iPad and Computer are connected to for wireless syncing.

  • Just email the photos to yourself