What HDD drives are in the 6TB unit, and are they any good?

• 2 x 3.5" what (eg. 5400, 7200 rpm, SSD)?
• Exact HDD model, specs?
• Performance speeds expected vs. reality?

Apple's description currently doesn't clarify.

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    Western Digital Caviar Green Drives, 5400 RPM (device is passively cooled, no fan so 7200 RPM might get to hot). 220MB/s read and 262MB/s write.

  • I have this drive and it consistently writes/reads over 160 mb/s, substantially faster than the 1TB drive on a mid 2011 iMac. This is set as RAID 0 i.e. using the full 4TB. The drives are WD Caviar Green running at 5400 rpm. WD also make a Velociraptor 7200rpm version of this drive which should be even faster but of course it costs more and the faster drives will probably not have the longevity of the Caviar Greens.