What is the range of the Hue bridge? If I install the Hue bulbs on the outside of my house and the Hue bridge is in my basement will it work?

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    I've used the product in my house and get a range of 25-30 meters with 2 walls between the bridge and the lamps. In your case it probably depends how much of your basement is underground as this will block the signal.

    Also keep in mind that your phone/pad needs to be in range of your WIFI to control the lamps

  • The range of the bridge is up to 30 meter, the actual range is heavily depending on the materials used in the floors, ceilings and walls. If the range is not enough, then another bulb can be installed in between the bulb that cannot be reached and the bridge to extend the signal.

  • Jarrod I have the opposite: I have the bridge in my home office on the second floor, and I am controlling lights in my basement.... no problem.