what joystick will work with iMac OS X Lion?

  • Asked about:  X-Plane 10

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    I bought a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, and it works perfectly with X-Plane 10 on Lion and on Mountain Lion on an iMac mid 2011. I bought it at Best Buy for not a ton of money. There is no installation needed, just plug it in and play. The installation CD is made for windows only, so don't use it because you don't have to . If you plan to simulate a lot of traffic (Rendering options), you should upgrade your memory, which is really easy to do. I updated mine to 12GB of Memory, and X-Plane works really smooth now. Other Joysticks work also, just check if they are made for Mac. If not, they might still work, like this one. I own X PLANE 10 since it came out, and it didn't have any problems so far.

    Other hints:

    -BEFORE installation, use the installer on X-Plane website, DO NOT use the one on the Disk 1!

    -Be sure to UPDATE every now and then, it might help to let X-Plane run smoother.

    -Plug in your joystick BEFORE you launch X-Plane, otherwise it won't work!

    -Turn DOWN the RENDERING OPTIONS in order to let X-Plane run smoother and have a better flight experience!

    - Don't freak out when you have to wait a bit for the program to launch!

    -There are many websites where you can download all kinds of mods, in order to make the "World" seem more realistic. There are mods like planes, and airports.