Where do i get the wire that fits into the MICRO usb adapter?

Apple iPhone Micro USB Adapter

Apple iPhone Micro USB Adapter

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    this is so users can use any previously owned cellphone charger that has been made mandatory by the EU. so if you have another phone that has a microUSB plug, you can use that charger with this. the spirit of the law was to stop the absurd amount of varied chargers that end up getting tossed out or otherwise complicating the task of replacing it.

    if you desperately must use something other than desribed above and using the original cable and usb power adapter that came with your phone just isnt good enough, you can buy a microUSB cable from any electronics store.

  • a microUSB cable can be found in almost any electronics store, and indeed will be included with many similar products from other vendors. This is an idea adapter if you already have such a cable, and want to use it to connect with your iPad or iPhone; if you don't have one of those cables already, I would recommend using your standard USB charge and sync cable, which most likely was included in the packaging for your product.

  • The whole point of making this adapter is to use standard micro USB cables and charges, which just about everyone has already.
    Nowadays just about every phone uses micro USB as the charger and connection to the computer, the point of buying this adapter is to be able to use your existing cable/charger with the iPhone instead of buying Apple's charger.

  • Some other phone companies like BlackBerry, HTC and Samsung uses micro usb port on their phones, so with this adapter you can bring one charger when you travel to charge both your iPhone and the other phone.
    If you don't already have one you should probably just get the iPhone charger or USB cable.

    Search for Apple USB Power Adapter and Apple Dock Connector to USB Cable.

  • Lots of accessories headsets, cameras, Samsung, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson, Htc,,,, Use micro usb, It's a Great small adaptor to carry in my wallet so when at work or a friends I can Charge my iPhone,,