Why is a dock necessary when the iphone can b synched, charged etc using the cable without the dock?

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    Hi Julia,

    I asked myself the same question before I bought this product, so here's what I found, I hope you find it helpful.

    The dock is designed so that you can sync and charge your device, these are only the basic features!

    I found the dock also has unique 'pass-through' system in It's base, so that you can also make extremely clear speakerphone calls whilst your iPhone is seated in the device.

    The other feature of the dock's design is keeping the iPhone upright, this keeps the device well ventilated, I use my phone a lot, often after some time in my hand a considerable amount of heat builds up in device in the area near the SIM card, this is because this is also the area of the device where the phone's internal processor is (so the heat is a natural side effect of extended use.)

    Since I find the speakerphone useful because I work a lot in front of my computer, and most often require both hands to work, the dock streamlines this.

    Now I suppose you would ask why not sit the phone on my desk to use the speaker? - I found two problems with this, the first was the lack of ventilation caused a very large heat increase in the unit, the second relates to the microphone on the device, I found it was less effective when laid flat, my clients had difficulty hearing me, etc.

    Before I considered purchasing the dock, I looked around for devices that were iPhone compatible with a speakerphone, they are few and far between and often expensive (in relation to the simple dock.)

    I hope this helps you!

  • It isn't strictly necessary, of course. Some people just find it easier to grab or replace the phone from a dock or to keep it upright for convenience when glancing at the screen (on a desk or beside table, for instance).

  • Well the dock is not necessary, but people tend to have it because it looks good. You can definitely charge and sync your iPhone with the regular USB cable.