Will this work for fortnite that is coming to iOS devices soon? I see that it has AXBY buttons like the Xbox controller will it also work for Sony?

Gamevice Controller for iPhone - Minecraft Edition

Gamevice Controller for iPhone - Minecraft Edition

Product No Longer Available

3 Answers from the Community

  • Fortnite have confirmed controller support to be coming at a later date! The ABXY layout is the official Apple Mfi layout, this product is only for iOS.

  • This game does not currently work with Gamevice. It is up to the game developer to make the game controller compatible. We have reached out to them but it is up to the developer build controller support into the title. Check out the blog on Gamevice.com for more information!

    We do not have a compatible Sony device at this time.

  • This current device does not work with Fortnite, however with time I am sure Apple will come up with a device or software for it to work with fortnite. You can search on YouTube and watch videos of people showing this particular controller not working for fortnite.