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    Brings Apple TV to the pre-HDMI generation

    I bought one of these with a 3rd generation Apple TV. I needed the adapter because we have a Philips early flat screen TV, which has no HDMI connections, but does have high-res capacity and a VGA input. This clever little adapter sorted it out perfectly (tho I needed an additional lead for the audio). I am very pleased with the results: everything the 3rd-gen Apple TV can do, for a pre-HDMI TV! Bye bye video store and dirty rental DVDs!

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    Allows for use of VGA projectors with iPads

    Excellent piece of kit. Very simple to set up and allows Apple TV to be used with VGA projectors in school. Also quick and simple to fit. So impressive in fact the school is planning to buy one for every classroom.

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    Works great with non HDMI plasma screen

    I bought the Kanex ATV Pro to use with a 10 year old Panasonic TV plasma screen with an Apple TV 3rd gen. I wanted to stream video/music/photos and use mirroring with my late 2009 MacBook, which in Apple speak is Airplay and Airplay Mirroring.

    The plasma screen does not have a HDMI input (which the Apple TV needs) but does have a VGA input. You will need a VGA cable to plug into the Kanex and the other end to your screen.
    You will also need a 3.5mm jack lead (the same as most headphone ends) to be able to get sound from Apple TV. The volume can then be controlled via the speaker you attach to the Kanex or via your computer/ iPhone/iPod. Please note that I didn't get volume control using a simple bluetooth speaker but when I connected to a slightly more sohphisticated portable
    speaker, it worked.

    I have a late 2009 MacBook and Mountain Lion. I could get videos/music/photos to play from iPhone 4 and also from my MacBook as long as the videos were already in iTunes. You will not
    be able to play .AVI .MKV .FLV etc videos from your MacBook without using third party
    software. The good news is there is a great app called Beamer that works seamlessly to allow
    you to play other video formats.

    As far as I understand Airplay MIrroring will not work with a pre 2011 Macbook and anything else less than Mountain Lion. Again there is a great app called AirParrot which allows you to do this on a pre 2011 MacBook. This will allow you to mirror exactly what is on your computer screen to your TV screen or monitor.

    In conclusion, the Kanex adaptor works well to be able to stream media from (in my case) an iPhone 4 and late 2009 MacBook via an Apple TV linked to the Kanex linked to VGA input of plasma TV screen.

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