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    Great in many ways, but surprisingly poor call quality

    I was really looking forward to this headset, given how good the reviews were. I make calls from my iPhone and from my Mac, and I like to keep my hands free to take notes etc. The headphones sometimes get in the way.

    The headset arrived today, prompt delivery from Apple as always. Initial impression was very good. The product is well designed, comfortable and light. It senses when you put it on your ear and transfers the call to and from the phone reasonably quickly. The quality of the sound you hear in the earpiece is good, and the noise cancellation on the mic is very good.

    The quality of the sound the other caller hears is just not good enough. I ran many tests, because I really wanted it to work.
    Here are my scores on different setups (1 is worst, 10 is best)
    - Macbook Pro built-in microphone: 9
    - Macbook Pro through headphones: 8
    - iPhone held to the ear: 8
    - iPhone through headphones: 7
    - iPhone or Mac through Plantronics Legend headset: 4

    I even ventured to make a call, but had to switch back to the phone after a minute because the other person was clearly struggling to hear me. Like I was calling from the 80s. What a shame. It is otherwise an excellent product. Returning it tomorrow.

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