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    Good idea in principle but doesn't quite deliver

    In principle, this should have been a fantastic product - at last, one simple charger for all the devices you take abroad without having to haul a bag of adapters, cables and travel plugs. So here is the reality. You still have to take your power adapter for your mac and cables for your mac and iphone, but instead of a slim travel plug, this device takes it's place. The benefit it that you can leave your iphone plug behind because you can charge it straight through this USB port. The downside is that this device is much bulkier and I cannot really see it's benefit when you can charge your iphone through your mac USB port (if the hotel doesn't already have a USB - most seem to have them in rooms these days). So really, if you don't need to charge your iphone in the plug at the same time, all you need is the slim change of plug pins to convert to different regions... and you can buy these at a cheaper price and more of them to convert your existing mac power adapter. If this plug actually produced enough power to charge a mac without the need for taking its power adapter and cables, it would be fantastic - but that's just it, the idea is only good in principle because in reality, it's a large travel plug that just so happens to have a USB port.

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    Feels cheap and doesn't fit new Mac Book Pro (2016) charger

    I like the idea of this device, not just due to the international adapters but to provide a USB charger output given the MacBook Pro now one has USB C connectors and I have 3 USB based apple devices in addition to the MacBook to charge whilst I'm travelling. However the adapter will not fit the new MacBook Pro power brick. The steel locating pin seems to be too big for the PlugBug. And the whole device feel cheaply made and even brittle.

    I'll be returning to Apple and relying on travel adaptors instead. Shame - nice idea, poorly implemented.

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    Holiday travel charger

    You never know in business these days, when you may get called out on a mission abroad. This will come in handy! Also it first of all caught my eye because, I thought it may be a bugging device to trace other trackers that may be installed within the chargers for other handsets rival brands! Just my thoughts no accusations here.

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