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    Expensive and worst

    Bought this finally from the whitecity Apple Store. It seems to peel of in the plane. Wonder if the pressurise atmosphere has an effect on the adhesion? Belkin guys do have an answer to this funny behaviour. But it does settle down once the plane lands - crazy or should I say funny. Never seen this kind of effect on any of the tempered glasses I used in the past. I now reordered some other brand just in case I need to replace Belkin invisiglass. I have no recourse to ask for a replacement since I am not in the UK now.

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    Very poor product

    screen protector definitely not worth the price, dropped my iPhone once and entire screen smashed UNDERNEATH the protector but protecter remained unharmed. I was under the impression that as this product was stocked by apple, as was on the higher side of the price bracket for screen protectors it would be a more reliable buy but this clearly made little difference. Since having the screen replaced I went for a cheaper brand which seems to be doing a better job than the belkin one which failed after a very small amount of time. Very disappointed.

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    Film came with hair stuck to it (Don't Buy)

    Since the original iPhone I have used Power Support film sets and have never had any issue applying them to my phones. I took the recommendation in the Apple Store that this was better (sadly not). Upon opening there looked to be a small scratch on the film, I assumed it was on the protective secondary film (wrong) when I applied the film I could not get the film to attached to the phone without air bubbles and yes the scratch was a hair on the film! This film was a complete waste of money and I recommend others not to buy, if my experience of the quality is anything to go by.

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    Very good. A bit expensive but simply the best.

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