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    Long Term Review

    I've had my unit now for around 9 months+ and here's my experience so far. Initially I was using it with the supplied 1Tb standard hard drives and it was fine but for me, I wanted more speed. Out of the box you can expect around 450-500Mb/s read and write performance which is plenty fast for most people. I decided that because I was using it with a large Lightroom library as well as editing 4K video in Final Cut Pro X that I'd see how 4 1Tb SSD's went. 2 months down the line with 4 x Samsung 850 EVO 1Tb drives I'm in performance heaven. I get over 800Mb/s write and and over 1000Mb/s reads on the device now.

    I should also point out that the unit is tiny and takes up about the desk space of an iPad Mini and is almost silent in use. The noise is a BIG issue when using standard 3.5" drive RAID units so doing Video work and having an almost silent RAID that can easily be moved between home and office with those kinds of speeds if a massive benefit for me. At the time I'm writing this review 1Tb SSD's are around £240 so you need to budget almost £2K for the Promise and SSDs but if speed, noise and portability are important to you, it's well worth the investment.

    In summary, out of the box or upgraded with SSDs this is a fantastic device. No power brick to carry around as the power supply is internal and it runs like a dream with zero hassle. Currently running on El Capitan but also used heavily on Yosemite with zero issues too.

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