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    Do NOT Use for Music or Video - Suitable for Archive/backup only

    • Written by John M from SANDY

    As well as the problems listed here - the eject drive failures - The problems continue:. Firstly It goes into pause mode if left for more than two minutes - so if you are listening to music stored on the drive (and a large iTunes library will require such), you have to wait for it to resume (feels like a hiccup). Movie playback resumes in a similar manner but will play fast forward for a couple of seconds to 'catch up'. If I leave the drive for over an hour it then takes 18 seconds of beach ball spinning to get back on line. I had massive help from LaCie but they were unable ultimately to fix it. There is no work around. The 'management' software only provides a read panel - no commands in. I Recommend this drive for archiving only. DEFINITELY NOT FOR MUSIC or VIDEO editing application.

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