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    Drive unmounts badly when you mac goes to sleep

    • Written by Andrew C from Weybridge

    I recently bought the LaCie 2big 8TB and while it is very good in terms of data transfer rates, ease of set up, noise etc. there is one very very annoying problem. When the computer goes to sleep the LaCie drive thinks the plug on the drive has been pulled and you get a 'Disk not ejected correctly warning'. When the computer then powers up again after sleeping, you cannot re-mount the drive without removing the thunderbolt cable and plugging it in again. I also have an 12TB R6 Promise Pegasus drive that has no such problems and so this must be a LaCie problem. Speaking to LaCie's technical support the work around they suggest is to manually unmount the drive every time you leave the machine (which is just a pain) or press the blue button on the front to send the unit to sleep (again EVERY time). LaCie, please please can you fix this and then I can increase the rating back to 5 stars where it belongs!

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    "Disk not ejected properly" error when iMac wakes from sleep

    • Written by Simon A from Devon

    Similar to other reviewer. The drive is well built and fast but I am getting this error message when the computer (late 2015 5K 27") wakes from sleep. The drive is connected via an Apple Thunderbolt 2 cable. It happens intermittently i.e. not every time the computer sleeps. I have tried every combination of power saving settings to no avail. It is incredibly annoying to have to reboot the computer or unplug and replug the drive. I don't know if its a problem with the drive, or the computer or both.

    The only other comment is that the drive's fan is quite loud and I prefer to not have it on my desk.

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    Disk not ejected properly

    • Written by Anthony C from Leicester

    Yes I had the same experience as the other reviews with the 8TB version connected to my iMac (5k late 2015) via thunderbolt. I have resorted to using the USB 3 cable and it now seems to be working a lot better, not ideal but a least it stops the annoying ejecting itself while working or after the computer comes out of sleep mode.

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    Not unmounting/ejecting when computer set to sleep

    • Written by Adi T from Tiverton

    I have owned this drive for over a year now. I sent one back to LaCie, I had a replacement back. The same issue. In fact, I believe the unmounting issue is to do with OSX. My external SSD, Kingston branded has the same issue. However, the LaCie often doesn't mount even whenI start the computer up from power off. The only thing that works is unplug and plug back in the USB/Thunderbolt back in after the computer starts up.

    Speed: I get about 350MB/s during tests using USB 3.0, RAID 0.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Rachid A from London

    Well built and well designed - but it's just not fast enough for the price. And it's a bit temperamental when powering down and up.