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    Great Fun

    I've had this for 1 month and a half now and I love it. I'm not sure if it's worth the £80 but it's worth paying £10 more than other places for the awesome flux hubs and neon green ultra tyres. It is better if you have a large wooden or tiled area in your house especially for drifts as they are really fun. It's not great on carpet even on full speed but works without the tyres on on carpet. Outside it works well on tarmac and concrete with the tyres on but I wouldn't recommend taking off the tyres outside as the plastic drift wheels will get scuffed up. It's great on my local concrete skatepark as its a big open space with a bowl so it's awseome on there. I have been using the programming app called Macrolab which is a fun addition. Charge is great as I use a 10w IPad air 2 plug to charge it and it takes about an hour to charge for an hours play time which is amazing. It's super durable it's not like most remote control helicopters that brake after 2 minutes! I'd rate 4 1/2 stars as its a tad pricey and can get a tad boring but overall really fun toy.

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