• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not the Ultimate Ultimate Ears!

    I bought two of these to make a stereo pair and discovered that they are great sounding speakers with a nice flat-ish frequency response. The reliance on the app is one of the weaknesses for example the music alarm never plays what you tell it to, the party-up feature which is used for stereo pairing seems to be barely tested; setting up the stereo pair is easy but when the second speaker is not available you are left with a speaker which only plays one audio channel and if you don't have the other speaker handy to pair and switch to double-up there is no alternative but to factory reset the speaker to get full audio back. The worst thing though is interacting with Siri or making voice calls as the built in microphones are of dreadful quality. Just after the one year warranty period one of my MEGABOOM's microphones failed and I discovered that this unit cannot realistically be repaired as the speaker is glued together thoroughly and shockingly when I did get the waterproof speaker opened I found corrosion!

    With over dependence on a flawed app, constant alpha quality firmware updates and dreadful customer support my advice is not to buy this but I still recommend Ultimate Ears; the much cheaper WONDERBOOM which if anything sounds livelier, is much more portable and genuinely waterproof. Nice work Ultimate Ears, it's a shame about this one though.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    100% Recommended!

    At this price point, it doesn't get any better! Usability and features are spot on, build quality is supreme, design is lovely and practical and considering its size, the sound is as full and round as you can expect! Am totally impressed with the sound signature from low to high! Was always sceptical about wireless Bluetooth speakers as I would imagine most of the money is spent on the technology and thus they would lack sound quality... How wrong was I! Of course given that the sound is coming from only one point, it lacks stereo imaging compared to a stereo set of speakers but you can of course pair two units if you want to splash out for that luxury. Great all rounder to take to the bathroom, picnics and more than fills any normal size room with sound. I didn't get a chance to test before buying but was relieved that the low end wasn't overly boomy but yet nice and punchy so decent for all genres of music! Again, given its size and price, it's an amazing unit and extremely versatile! Highly recommended!

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