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    Dont Buy it for Iphone 6S

    It is not match and cover all surface of the screen . It doesnt cover the edges ! you can see the light from right and left edges !

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    The good: It's a privacy screen protector and it does what it's supposed to do.

    The bad: It does reduce the clarity of the iPhone, therefore would need to bump up the brightness of the phone- which mean shorter battery life.

    The worst:

    (this is based on my experience with the iPhone 6. I have had the exact same screen protector for my 4, 4s, 5 and 5 with no issue at all)

    It affect the sensitivity of the touch screen- particularly the Control Centre. I needed to swipe the screen several times sometimes in order to open the Control Centre. I thought the phone was defective and Apple gave me a replacement phone, but the issue is still there. Oddly, everything else works fine.

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    Does exactly what it says

    After having read the previous review I felt compelled that I had to provide my own experience of this product.
    Having had one screen protector crack, I tried this as a replacement.
    It works - both to protect the screen and as a privacy aid. Almost nothing is visible beyond 30 degrees.
    Only two downsides which stopped it from being a 5 star rating:
    1) It is difficult to apply correclty (alignment to the screen edges)
    2) You will need to increase the brightness level on your phone to get the optimum results

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    Dont Buy

    dont buy this for the iphone 6 plus i did and it does not work the touch screnn is rendered usless and it is a uter rip off sorry to say

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