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    So far this is the best screen protector in the market. You can't fault it! You can't even see that it's actually on the screen of your iPhone! How cool is that??!! If you to get it from the Apple store, Apple amazing staff will gladly help you to apply this amazing screen protector on your iPhone with no bubbles at all. Thank you Apple and Belkin! I am a very happy customer :)

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best ever!!

    It's the best screen protector that I have ever bought, it's worth every pound, it's thin, clear and no bubbles or dust because of the procedure to apply. Well done Belkin

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy to assemble screen protector

    This is the first screen protector that has come with so much equipment to help with applying the protector to the screen, I did find that very useful and fun to apply although I feel like a good percentage of the money goes towards packaging as oppose to the actual product. A lot thinner than what I expected, so far I'm very happy with it, hasn't disturbed or interrupted my usual activity on the screen. Still looks as clear, almost as though nothing is there. I've yet to drop my phone, however a day after applying cover there was a little scratch at the top of the screen protector, which does bother me as I've been very carful and I don't think anything I've done should've caused a scratch so soon. Once applied it's very secure, no signs of it peeling, it's very well stuck on the screen. I think it's worth the try and hope it lasts a sufficient amount of time.

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    Looks Great But Some Patience Required

    When I read some of the reviews on this product I was in two minds whether to buy it but went ahead anyway. I was glad I did, because the finished result looks really great, probably the best screen protector I've seen. However, I found it needed patience to get it to sit properly on the screen. Despite it being a brand new phone that I had only just removed the manufacturer's screen cover from and had then cleaned as per instructions, I still found tiny pieces of dust appeared from nowhere - and the one thing this cover doesn't like is dust! Presumably because it is inherently more rigid than plastic ones, even a tiny piece of dust creates a bulge under the protector and you can't flatten it out. It took several goes at lifting the cover off the screen (the frame makes this easy) and removing every offending dust particle before the cover laid flat. The dust tended to attach itself to the underside of the protector rather than sit on the screen where it would be easy to wipe off but I found the sticky screen cleaner supplied was just sticky enough to remove it (not its intended function, I'm sure). I would recommend this product because it is brilliant once it is on and overall no more fiddly to fit than other products I've used.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Good but flawed

    The visibility through this screen protector is second to none. You cannot actually tell there's a protector there. Look and feel is the same as without a screen protector.

    But there are however two major flaws in the design.

    1. It being made of glass, the edges are extremely sharp. If only they'd tapered them.
    2. It is not covering the entire screen. Very annoying.

    Shame. Otherwise I'd rate this at 5 stars

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    Sticker used to peel off top film also covered a bubble and dust. Once attached, it was absolutely impossible to get out. Film also scratches easily. Avoid!!

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