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    It went through a 1-hour washing cycle with my laundry and it still works!

    Simplicity is the best: it does what it says on the tin - it's literally a button you can carry in your hand to tell your iPhone to shoot a picture at your desire. There are NO other buttons. The first press of the button powers itself up to connect to our phone, and from then on each time you press it (and you are in iPhone's Camera app, ready to shoot) your iPhone will take a snap.

    The connection with your iPhone is quick! Once it's paired. This remote will connect to your iPhone in less than 3 seconds the moment it wakes up.

    It's very small and discreet, if you are shooting a self-portrait you can hold it in your hand and take the shot and no one will be able to see it is there.

    But the small form factor is both its advantage and disadvantage: it's the reason it ended up in the washing machine in the first place.

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